Best Practices: Family Accommodations

Supporting employees and students with policies that create a positive and healthier work environment are ideal. This means not only making work better for employees, but also for those employees and students care for!

Support Networks & Role Modeling

  • We need role models to help us navigate new experiences
  • We need social networks are like lifeboats! We’re all in this together.

Grant Support

  • For caregiving employees and students with emphasis on improving caregiving inequities
  • For paid leaves
  • To maintain access to resources while caregiving (e.g. labs, libraries)
  • To offset costs of professional development where caregiving creates additional prohibitive costs (e.g. conferences, training)
  • Fund reentry postdocs & non-traditional academic trajectories

Child Care

  • Sick child drop-in care (in arrangement with a hospital or clinic)
  • Dedicated back-up child care facilities
  • Dedicated permanent quality child care with availability for faculty and students
  • Database of quality child care options for short-term/guest and permanent use
  • School break and summer child care or camps

Pregnancy & Post-partum

  • Lactation stations that exceed minimum standards
  • Nursing-friendly campus cultures
  • Lactation pump and mini-fridge loans
  • Third-trimester and high-risk pregnancy parking

Spatial Needs

  • Quiet retreat space for working
  • Facilitate family arrangements during fieldwork and research and destigmatize local field sites.
  • Consider additional needs of employee and student caregivers who relocate

Reciprocating to Employee Social Networks

  • Tuition remission for partners and children
  • Free course audits for retired elders
  • Dual-career support and preference
  • Partner job-seeking assistance

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